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Free weights are a must-have. No doubt about that! There is no clunky, specialized machinery that’ll just take up space in your gym on this webpage. Nope, no one has time for that! This Strength Gear is versatile and the best bang for your buck! The exercises you can perform – and the gains you can acquire – are ENDLESS with these beautiful pieces!

Free Weights

Synergee Cast Iron Kettlebells

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$24.76 USD$30.95 USD

Synergee Rubber Hex Dumbbells

$29.56 USD$36.95 USD

Synergee Fixed Barbell

$49.95 USD

Synergee Fitness Hammer

$39.95 USD

Synergee Steel Macebells

$39.95 USD

Synergee Indian Clubs

$44.95 USD

Synergee Ruck Plates

$29.95 USD

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