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The Synergee Scholarship was launched in 2019 and funded solely by Synergee. Through the Synergee Scholarship, we aim to support and inspire the fitness leaders of tomorrow.

The Scholarship and Dorm Fitness Package is awarded to a student who is a fitness enthusiast and leader; believes in the life-changing power of sweat; and is pursuing a future in fitness and health. Formal training and education in health and fitness is an asset, but not necessary. We are looking for personal and creative stories that show strength, resilience, and inspiration; that express the impact movement, exercise, sport, and/or fitness have had on the recipient, and how they will bring that to others!

Two separate awards of $1,000 and a Dorm Room Fitness Package will be available in 2020. One Scholarship will be awarded in February, and a second separate Scholarship will be awarded in September (to a different recipient). Recipients that apply in February can also apply in September.

Applications are currently closed and set to reopen September 2020. Please follow us on Facebook/Instagram (@synergeefit) and sign up for our mailing list to get the latest updates.

Submissions Open September 1st, 2020

You are eligible to apply if you:

  1. Qualified candidates must be concurrently enrolled in full-time post-secondary education (i.e. college or university); or, graduated from high school and immediately entering their first year of post-secondary study in the Fall Semester. That is, this award will be granted towards the upcoming Fall Semester, and the student must be enrolled in high school or post-secondary school while applying to be eligible.
  2. Full-time student
  3. Graduated from high school with a GPA of 2.3 or better (C+ or better); or currently holds that GPA in post-secondary school
  4. Citizen of Canada or United States

Below, we have listed successful Synergee Scholars from previous years.

Synergee looks forward to hearing from a diverse range of applicants, and does not discriminate based on gender, race, culture, spirituality, or socioeconomic status. Special consideration will be given for individuals who are in financial need and/or are members of an underserved/minority community.

  1. Ashlyn Sweitzer

    I am a role model for people growing up with or without orthopedic difficulties, and I [aim] show [others] that you can overcome any obstacles in your way if you work hard at it. The Synergee Scholarship will help me achieve my goal of being a Shelter and Wildlife veterinarian while continuing to pursue my athletic career as a Varsity Wrestler.

    Ashlyn is finishing grade 12 and will soon be embarking on her post-secondary education. She participates in a variety of school sports, including track and field, mountain biking, cross country running, and wrestling. This future-veterinarian is our Feb 2020 Synergee Scholar!

    Ashlyn’s story of overcoming odds from a young age grabbed our attention! She was born with a right club foot deformity which impacted and limited her ability to walk, run, and participate in sports. Despite much of her life up until Grade 8 being spent in casts, braces, night splints, and shoe lifts, her grit and determination kept her involved in sports. Her display of strength and persistence throughout this time is nothing short of inspiring.

    For example, to keep pace with her peers, she would adapt her run to a bear crawl position; and, more times than not, she could outrun them! Her physical challenges gave her all the more reason to work harder and go after goals that some viewed as impossible. Since, she has won numerous awards for her performance on school sports teams, and concurrently achieved academic excellence.

    Ashlyn has been awarded $1000 and a Dorm Room Fitness Pack to support her through undergrad and veterinary school. She will participate in Varsity Wrestling as she works to become a Shelter and Wildlife Veterinarian. We are so proud to support future leaders in fitness like Ashlyn who embody the traits of strength, determination, and inclusivity. This is what Synergee Athletes are made of!

  2. Megan Rubin

    The Synergee Scholarship will help me achieve my goal of becoming a Chiropractor and help with all the costs that come with moving to a new city and being a full-time student. I believe I was chosen because I value accessibility, and that’s what Synergee is all about. It is a relief to have some of my school costs covered, and this scholarship will allow me to continue staying active in my free time. Thank you, Synergee

    Megan is from Thunder Bay, ON. She is in her third year of her Kinesiology Undergraduate Degree at Lakehead University.

    From a young age, sports and fitness has played an integral roll in her life. From basketball to martial arts, Megan has been both a teammate and a leader. Whether it’s starting an intermural team with her university friends to encourage them to play basketball on their study breaks or teaching at-risk youth martial arts and self-defense to raise their confidence, Megan loves sharing her knowledge and love of fitness with everyone she meets.

    Megan is determined to be a Chiropractor. After completing her Bachelor Degree, she plans to move to Toronto to complete another 4 years of intense schooling. She can’t wait to help others through a health-related career. Outside of school and work, she will continue to encourage her friends, family, and all those around her to find solace and enjoyment through movement.

    Megan has been awarded $5000 to alleviate some of the financial pressures that come with post-secondary education. Her dedication to making fitness goals more accessible and achievable to those around her – through teaching others and her unyielding excitement – makes her the perfect candidate for the Synergee Scholarship.


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