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Synergee Hex Trap Bar
Synergee Hex Trap Bar

Synergee Hex Trap Bar

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Black Phosphate

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Our Synergee Hex Bar allows you to deadlift with confidence. The hexagonal frame is ergonomically designed to allow for a linear bar path and keep the weight centered with the body’s midline during lifts. This helps you avoid straining your lumbar spine and it targets your quadriceps. With the Hex Bar there is less space for injury and more space for gains when you are deadlifting, shrugging, and pulling compared to the standard barbell.

Our bar has two sets of knurls – a 1.5 mm diamond knurl on the lower handles, and 1.2 mm on the raised handles – to provide sufficient grip for your lifts. With 10” sleeves and a maximum load rating of 750 lbs, the Synergee Hex Bar is designed to withstand your heavy training sessions and help you become strong as heck.

Hex Bar Guide

Chrome Hex Bar
Black Phosphate Bar
Bar Weight 25KG 25KG
Loadable Sleeve Length 10" 10"
Coating Chrome Black Phosphate

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Hex Bar Specs

Brand Synergee
Bar Use Specialty
Bar Weight 25KG
Bar Length 56"
Loadable Sleeve Length 10"
Diameter 28MM
Top Handle Knurl Standard
Bottom Handle Knurl Aggressive
Coating Chrome or Black Phosphate

PRO TIP: Unlocking the Hex Bar’s True Potential

With a Hex Bar, you can do way more than just deadlift or shrug it. The Hex bar can be used for Floor Presses, Overhead Presses, Deficit Push-ups, Squat Jumps and Farmers Carries. If you’re not a power-lifter, don’t dismiss this bar – it may look simple, but it can be the key to unlocking some very dynamic movements!

Hex Bar Warranty

Manufacturer Defects 1 year
Bending Lifetime


Here are some examples of different movements you can do with the Hex Bar, and reasons why you should add Hex Bar Farmer Walks into your workout routine right NOW!

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